sound design


What: An immersive night-time experience at the Tower of London. Directed by Amy Rose and May Abdalla at Anagram

Release: 2015

Credit: Sound Design

NIGHTWATCHERS is an immersive night-time experience at the Tower of London. Step into a shadowy world of state surveillance, where messages and phone calls lead you around one of our most notorious prisons; this is your induction into the art of covert investigation.


The story moves between contemporary London and the most dramatic years of the Elizabethan secret service. Faith, violence and the invisible lines between truth and justice collide, and you must find your way guided by the stories of code-breakers, law enforcers and radical religious extremists.


In a climate of global insecurity, NIGHTWATCHERS asks where is the line between security and oppression? Who watches the watchers?


What: An interactive documentary installation directed by Amy Rose and May Abdalla at Anagram

Release: Sheffield Internation Documentary Film Festival 2014, Tribecca Film Festival 2015

Credit: Sound Design


Door Into The Dark is a bespoke and intimate experience for one, lasting approximately 40 minutes. As you inch your way through a dark and unknown space, stories, soundscapes and instructions are triggered at specific moments.


The audio is populated by the presence of four people: the narrator, who accompanies the participant throughout the work and talks directly to them, and three real characters. These are John Hull, author of Touching the Rock, who describes the impact of losing his sight on his relationship with sound and touch, David Riley, a mountaineer who had an intimate brush with death, and Bryan Morrison, who took to walking the streets at night to lose himself and ended up in psychiatric care.


As you navigate the set – encountering forests, grass, a suspended bridge, walls that envelop and carry you, and much more besides – you listen to these individuals narrate their experiences. Each physical moment finds its match in the story; you embody what you hear.

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